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What do you do to protect the value of your property? Wise couples give consideration to their reasons for having children and carefully choose how they behave as parents. What kinds of parenting skills did you learn from your parents? Are the skills you learned from your parents adequate for raising children now? How can you learn to be the best parent you can be? How often do you plan events or activities just for the fun of it? Do you currently spend enough time on fun and enjoyment? What types of activities could the two of you do together that would be fun? Are there things or people in your lives that diminish your level of fun or enjoyment? This means that both partners will change throughout a marriage. In adulthood, physical growth tends to stop -- although our cells keep reproducing and replacing themselves -- but intellectually, emotionally and spiritually we have the need to continue to develop. What don’t you want others to know about your family? How close do you want to and your spouse to be with your family? Smart couples make wise decisions about the friends they choose.

) Money can be a tricky subject and is an area of concern in many marriages.

Great marriages evolve when two people have agreed on the direction they want their lives to take and the life style they want to live.

How likely is it that you will both live the life you want if your dream is a house in the suburbs with 2.4 kids and a dog and he dreams of living aboard a 24 foot sail boat in Bora Bora?

Are you wondering, “How do I know the person I am dating is a great match for me?

” The following questions will help you discover those areas where the two of you are compatible and those areas where you are not.

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