2016 in peachtree record speed up updating

Susan Lange Deputy Superintendent Department Management Services Branch Ann M.

Evans Division Director School Facilities Planning Division Ellen Aasletten, AIA Senior Architect School Facilities Planning Division The State Superintendent of Public Instruction and the California Department of Education are indebted to everyone who contributed ideas and critiques during the development of this document, especially to those school districts and their design consultants that used the rough draft as a guide for developing educational specifications for their projects.

The complete documentation of project requirements before the design process is begun helps in all phases: design, construction, occupancy, and postoccupancy evaluation.

The project should be reviewed in relation to the educational specifications at each phase so that elements needed to support the curriculum are not lost in process.

The Superintendent and the Department are also grateful to the members of the many professional organizations that provided information to expand the document's scope.

Special thanks are extended to Jan Agee, Duwayne Brooks, Michelle Collins, Lorene Euerle, Julian Gonzales, Henry Heydt, Cecelia James, Tom Payne, Sue Pendleton, Patricia Jones Penn, Urvan Rodriguez, Patricia Rose, Stan Rose, Leroy R. The purpose of this document is to assist school district staff, in cooperation with school and community leaders, in preparing educational specifications.

The document includes a definition of the specifications, suggested procedures, and a model format.

This document is divided into chapters to parallel the logical development of educational specifications: Note: Completion of the annotated outline and sample form for all five parts, together with public review, will produce the data needed to prepare a complete educational specifications document.

Complete documentation of all project requirements will help district and school staff respond to public comment on what is included in the project, what is not included, and why items were included or omitted.

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