Adult cam secret show

You'll have to enact/enter a four-digit PIN similar to the Kids lock.

If you have HBO GO, you'll have to set ratings limitations through your cable company (not all cable companies offer this functionality). And that's not just me saying it, the CEO of HBO is totes okay with it.

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If you have HBO NOW, click your name in the upper-right corner Choose the maximum allowed ratings.

While you might feel comfortable trusting your tablet to babysit your little ones with a few episodes of gentrified Sesame Street, you might be more hesitant to allow them to spend time in the oft-orgiastic world of Westeros. To that end, the app includes a "Kids Lock" for mobile devices, which keeps tiny fingers and eyeballs confined to the Kids section and makes search unavailable.

This function allows parents to hand their phone or tablet over to the little person in their life and feel confident that they won't be subjected to any of Tony Soprano's signature shirt-on trysts.

Note: Features were tested on HBO GO for i Pad, HBO GO for Roku, and through the browser interface.

Some features may not work exactly the same way depending on which version of GO/NOW you are using.

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