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This booklet is designed to help our foreign guests understand the way in which our Duvaqi women live and also to instruct visitors who may be bringing wives or daughters with them to Duvaqistan on how the females under their supervision must dress and behave so as not to run counter to Duvaqi law and culture.In the Western sense of the word, Duvaqi females have few ‘rights’.Fresh out of university in Moscow, he had accepted the offer of employment from Vladimir Mironov at his real estate company located in Örtük, the capital and heart of the Emirate of Duvaqistan which, with its gas and oil reserves, had an economy growing faster than any other in the world.The money was good, and the sense of adventure too but he’d heard bad things about the country; strictly Muslim and following some obscure sect of the faith called the Cilovlamaqi, there was no alcohol allowed and women lived extremely restricted lives.They are also acting as an eye to see that we follow the rules.You cannot not have a maid here if you have a female in the house because a female, properly dressed, cannot survive without one. But anyhow, here, read this and talk to me more about it later.” He rummaged around in some papers in a magazine stand by his chair and handed Mishka a short booklet.However, conversely, many Duvaqis, (both male and female), would consider the Duvaqi female far better off than her Western sisters as what she has lost in rights, she has gained in protection, safety and spiritual well-being.In childhood the position of the Duvaqi female is much like that of her Western counterpart or for that matter, the Duvaqi male.

Instead, the covered girl merely bowed her had at him before sitting down again.Mishka Basharov looked down at the land below as his plane came in to land at Örtük International Airport.The Duvaqistan that he saw out of the window was not what he had expected.She bowed towards the guest and a black gloved hand gestured for him to come inside. Sat by her father was another veiled figure, this time in a finely-embroidered yellow burqa.This he did, following her down a corridor and into a large, well-lit room where his new boss was stood holding a glass. Mishka was surprised; ok, so all Western women had to conform to the local dress codes when out of their houses, but here she was indoors with her family? Mishka stepped across to her and said, “Pleased to meet you, Tanya!“And now, we eat, and let us talk of happier things; business, which is good and how you will fit into it all.Come Mishka, to the dining room…” That evening, when Mishka was snuggled up in his bed, he picked up the booklet that Vladimir had given him and decided to give it a read, partially because it is always best to be enthusiastic about things that the boss tells you to do but also because, well, for some strange reason, the veiled and gagged Tanya Mironova fascinated him somewhat.INTRODUCTION One of the most unusual aspects of Duvaqistani society that visitors to our country have to encounter is the position of women in the Emirate.Compared to Western ideals, Duvaqistani women live a most different life, but to any follower of the esteemed Cilovlamaqi sect of the Glorious faith of Islam, for it is entirely in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and the Mevlana Rubiaq (apthn) that our women live out their lives.Virtually every woman in this country is gagged under her burqa and that’s only the start.I’ll give you a leaflet explaining it all, but basically those laws are what make it so difficult for me to recruit, for which woman – or man with a wife or daughters – wants to come here and live in that way?

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