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It can be annoying (especially if you’re someone like me who is particularly anal about keeping their i Tunes library organized) when you’re scrolling through your album artwork and see a bunch of blank spaces. 1) Simply perform a right-click on the songs(s) with the missing artwork, and click “Get Album Artwork”.After a few seconds, the album artwork should appear. Sometimes, however, this is not the case and you may need to enter the album artwork manually.TIP To ensure your files stay organized and updated, make sure you update your media files after changing any media information or album art.

This is because all files on that original CD are linked, and if you choose the album info for one file, all other files will be changed back to the album of the chosen file, thereby forcing you to redo the album info for every file in that mix CD.4) Once the Information menu opens, click on “Artwork” located in the far right corner.This will bring up a blank white square to which to add your album artwork.5) You have two options here – you can drag and drop the file from its location into the white square, or you can click the “Add” button and locate the image through a Finder window.6) Click “Ok” and you’ll be taken back to i Tunes, and you will see your file(s) with the proper album artwork.Many albums have their information stored in online databases accessible to Windows Media Player 11.This is usually the easiest and fastest way to update your media information.A word of advice—when in doubt, use the manual procedures for updating media info and album art.In some cases, the media information of a file may be incomplete or missing.This inaccurate media information should be corrected immediately to ensure that your library and files remain neatly organized and easy to navigate and maintain.It is a lot easier to find your favorite song if it contains the correct media information than if its media information reads "Track 2, Unknown Album, Unknown Artist," along with about 400 other songs in your library.

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