Ampeg dating the usefulness of radiocarbon dating is limited

Fliptops is also now proud to offer our own line of high end speaker cabinets including the new 810N stack cabinet system. Hey, we know you can never own just one amp, so we are also offering a selection of parts serving other classic amps such as Fender, Marshall, Vox, Sunn, Hiwatt, Traynor and many more.You can order online via our secure system or give us a call. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to helping you with your parts needs.I didn't have any time to mess with it until last night.I popped in the three preamp tubes from my guitar amp and the ampeg seemed to dating ampeg svt 3 pro z baits perfectly.I played with it for 20min or so to make sure no more intermittent problems popped up.It turns out the previous owner had already replaced V1 with a GT.Some common manufacturer codes for parts used in Ampegs include: YMMNNN, where Y denotes the year, MM the month, and NNN the Nth unit produced that month. The serial numbers are 6 digits in length with the following pattern: These codes have been used on components including potentiometers potstransformers, capacitors, tubes, and speakers.Quote svt Wasted Bassist Be sure to rape the blue note augmented 4th. Acrosound Stancor Electrical Windings Todd Electric Co.

I'd guess it's '76-'79 because of the black graphics, split per channel with rounded corners and the white switches.We also offer a full line of services including: amplifier repair, speaker repair and re-coning, cabinet refurbishment, and custom cabinets.You'll also find that this site is chock full of useful information to help with your selections.Feature Years Used Blue control panel graphics 1968 - 1972Black control panel graphics with square corners 1972 - 1975Black control panel graphics, horizontally split with rounded corners (solid state amps) 1973 - 1979Black control panel graphics, horizontally split with rounded corners (tube amps) 1976 - 1979Distortion control knob 1976 - 1979White rocker switches (solid state amps) 1973 - 1979White rocker switches (tube amps) 1976 - 1979Black rocker switches 1968 - 1975Metal "a" logo 1968 - 1972Plastic "a" logo 1973 - 1979--------------------------------------------------------------------------------1981 - 1984The MTI-era amplifiers cannot be dated by serial number.Dating by EIA date codes is impossible since the Japanese components do not carry EIA codes. I doubt he'd be selling one for 00 with the cab anyway.Not enough information was available to the authors to determine year of manufacture by serial number.It will save you a lot of pain and dented walls, trust me on this one. Enough information serial numbers, model, date codes has been gathered to prepare the following guide for dating by serial number.Hey Zach, I’ve got an Ampeg B-15, serial number 0137XX, and I suspect it is from the mid 1960s.Part 1 deals with what “the sound” is and how to get it, while Part 2 goes into detail about identifying the date of your gear. We offer the most comprehensive source of parts for the restoration and repair of both vintage and modern Ampeg amplifiers.

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