An unexpected error occurred while updating files typical male dating profile

BLZBNTBNU00000006 This error may happen when something interferes with the uninstall process.

When you're updating Creately for Confluence plugin through the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) or by uploading the plugin manually you might receive an error message "An unexpected error occurred.

Please refer to the logs for more information." in the UPM interface and the update will fail.

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Have you had a chance to test the site on localhost? I can open the same edit pages on my staging server and my production server and attempt to make the same edits and it works on the staging while refusing to on the production.

It could be that the packet size in My SQL is not sufficient to upload the plugin.

You should check the packet size using the details in this article: may need to increase it to 25Mb or more and try again.

You can then copy the items with Sharegate and, once the copy is over, go back in Share Point to set the workflow settings to their original values.

If you have event listeners that modify new and updated items, these will also need to be disabled during the copy.

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