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America was introduced to Lacey Schwimmer on “Dancing With the Stars” as Lance Bass' partner in 2008.Lacey has been on the show three seasons, but she has been hiding a deep personal secret – her battle with anorexia.“And I saw a picture of myself from some dance competition…” “One of these that was in the magazine? Lacey then relapsed into past behavior, starving herself and abusing diet pills once again.” Maria asked, referring to the December 28 issue of In Touch, which hits newsstands on Friday, and which features the pictures of Lacey during her battle. “I started getting all these like, 'Oh Lacey, you look so great let's do a bikini shoot!Schwimmer did not return for season 14 of Dancing With The Stars'.

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"The best part about the routine was grabbing her butt," Radar quotes Catherwood as saying, via a source."Yeah, we are very touchy-feely, yeah, we are comfortable with each other, [but] it's more of a playfulness.It's the stuff that we actually talk about on camera that we need to wrap it up with.Charlie Sheen (Anger Management) Jon Cryer (Superman 4) Angus T.Jones (Bringing Down The House) Conchata Ferrell (Mr.Her parents were also her coaches — very strict coaches, she said — and Lacey was home schooled to accommodate her rigorous schedule. Energy drinks, you know, anything to keep my body going without the calories,” Lacey said. “I saw that Britney Spears was using it and I wanted her body so I was like, 'OK, this is gonna work,” she said. Still, she thought she had a handle on her disease at 19 when she joined “Dancing With the Stars.” Then, fellow professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy was quoted as telling Lacey and Cheryl Burke, “The camera adds 10 pounds. or 'You're too big to be on TV.' You know, it kills you inside,” she said.“Tell me what you would eat in a typical day,” Maria asked. You have to do something about this.” “I read those comments and I didn't know whether to believe them or not to believe them,” Lacey told Maria. The 32-year-old DJ hasn't been shy about showing his feelings for Schwimmer, 22.PHOTOS: Stars' wackiest PDA moments "When I walked into the studio and first met Lacey, I thought to myself, ' Wow, let's add to the embarrassment by making my partner an attractive chick,'" he revealed on the show's March 21 premiere.Schwimmer returned to Dancing with the Stars for its eleventh season and she was partnered with Disney Channel star Kyle Massey and in the 12th season, paired with radio host Mike Catherwood.In the thirteenth season, she was paired with transgender activist Chaz Bono.

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