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The boiler-like riveted copper plate repair was removed and the crack soon sorted out properly with the aid of a cast iron welding specialist.

New in the sense that Edwardian technology was new to me, being some 40 years older than anything I’d worked on before.

A rear wheel was showing advanced stages of woodworm in one of the ash felloes, though the oak spokes all seemed OK.

So a new felloe was made from laminated ash strips, bent into a half circle and matched to the surviving one, then the whole wheel re-assembled to the old hub and spokes before fitting the red hot steel rim back over the wetted wooden assembly.

The resident woodworm colony had unanimously decided that ash was tastier than oak.

Then in 1938 a young garage proprietor from County Kildare hears about the abandoned old crock in a shed and buys it for a sixpence.

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