Auckland dating ideas

Since the birth of our dear, sweet child, my lovely husband and I had kept up the pretense of date nights but, really, they were just like many other nights after many other long days.They usually consisted of a rented movie or TV, dinner and maybe, a wine or two. We would sit back, sigh the sigh of parents who’ve just put their child(ren) to bed, and stare at the screen, spending “quality” time side by side, but not really together.

You, and your partner can start your romantic break visiting up to three of the most famous wineries in the area -a local olive oil mill, and two vineyards famous for their Bordeaux, and Chardonnays – to get a taste of New Zealand’s carefully selected finest wines.Auckland Conversations brings expert speakers and informed panellists to Auckland to present on a wide-range of topics that impact our region and our people.Conversations cover transport, environment, urban design, economy, climate change, community-building, and more.And I know you get this: it’s hard to be creative and pro-active about keeping your relationship fresh and interesting once kids are on the scene. #keepingtheromancealive I posted this thinking, in my naivety, that I would be the only parent feeling this way.We came to realise that we were putting a lot of time and effort into our little one, but had let time for ourselves as individuals and us, as a couple, slide right down the poop chute. We’re hoping to make it to the Film Fest in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, Sat night has to be a stay at home date night while our one year old sleeps (hopefully). So, when the deluge of replies hit, I got a whole heap of new ideas as to how to spice up our stay-at-home-date-nights, while simultaneously being at the potential beck and call of our delightful, yet oh so needy, 14 month old.Discover a different side of Auckland’s harbours and Hauraki Gulf.Join a guided sunset kayak tour to Rangitoto Island and see the city lights from the summit, or take a dinner or overnight cruise around the Waitemata Harbour and the gulf islands.Dine at Auckland’s only 360-degree revolving restaurant or take in the amazing views of the sunset from the observation platforms.Hit the dance floor at one of Auckland’s many bars and clubs.Gaze into space through the huge telescopes and explore the interactive space gallery.Auckland’s inner-city spas are a luxurious escape, using ancient principles and modern techniques to leave you feeling relaxed and recharged.

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