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If you don’t reply STOP, you may well end up with a recurring monthly charge on your account.The way these services work is that they offer you a “trial” service, which really is just a regular text message loaded with some useless junk, and they then attempt to charge you if you don’t cancel (i.e. With AT&T, at least, this is how the process works. The worst part is that the recurring charges are very difficult to spot on your bill, so you may well end up paying the .99/ month extra for months without realizing you’re being scammed.As you’ll see in the description, you can visit to learn all about mobile purchases and how they work.To actually cancel and dispute these charges, either call AT&T or visit this page:, data, etc.), then you’re probably being charged fraudulently by a spammer.Click on Billed usage to see the details behind this monthly .99 charge.This is an official AT&T Short Code used to receive spam messages.

An SMS Short Code is an abbreviated number, or alias, used for SMS (text) messages.

In our case, this brings up the following screen: You’ll see here that the “content provider” (ie. We’ve had to call in to AT&T and have multiple instances of these charges by various providers canceled and refunded.

This one, ironically, showed up shortly after we had done the digging into this issue for this article.

Here’s an example of a text message scam you may receive.

The sender may be listed as a full phone number, or as an SMS Short Code.

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