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Highly recommend giving them a shot if you don't have a store front you like. Yes, I take breaks from smoking, but I do come back for more. Once I get back from Vegas, I’m buying again from my break. I AM A CERTIFIED WEED SMOKER FOR ATLEAST 30 YEARS AND NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I EXPERIENCED SUCH TRASHY CANIBUS IF IT DESERVES TO EVEN BE CALLED THAT. I’m a new patient and after reading the reviews I was so excited and looking forward to this experience.

Once you have confirmed your account, please try again.

I wish I had called and demanded a refund after that first gross hit.

Other than that my experience was fine, but after this I don't see myself using this service again.

Again, we are sorry that had a bad experience and would encourage you to allow us to provide you a replacement with a different strain.

in the future please don't hesitate to call or text if you have ANY issues or questions, as we always strive to correct any mistakes. - GE :)Ill admit i had a period of leave from green express.

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