Ben barnes and anna popplewell dating

BB: Yeah, but I’ve been working steadily at it since I left school, moving up the ranks, as it were.

When I first came out of university, I had my obligatory six months out of work and was pulling my hair out, wondering what the next step was. KA: Did you have any trepidation about playing a fantasy hero?

Because only Georgie would wear Wonder Woman knickers under a gown like that, to a royal movie premiere.

Ben has always been like an older brother to her, just like Will, and she never could have imagined even seeing him this way—let alone having this reaction to it.

But lying here, tied to her bed with a stuffed panda looking at him reproachfully, he still feels pretty guilty.

And, despite the fact that he can feel the warmth of her through the fabric, despite the fact that he's standing in the corridor of a hotel with his hand between a fifteen year old's legs, he finds himself laughing. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.3. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble You start when the song starts, and stop when it's over.

A Ben/Georgie spin-off of do it like a brother (do it like a dude).

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” They said, “It’s called , so we’ve got to have the prince on the poster.” It was a little disconcerting, you know, when I went over to the States to publicize the film, seeing myself 15 stories high.

Hollywood usually casts young male Brits as villains or rebels, but Barnes comes equipped with way too much of that other clichéd English trait-charm-to be convincing in those dark roles.

Nope, the kid was cursed to be a valiant hero in a multi-million-dollar fantasy-adventure movie.

There was sort of this boot camp that I had to throw myself into for a few weeks before we even started shooting.

KA: There was a period earlier this year when you couldn’t walk a block without seeing your face on a poster.

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