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Oh and when the blog was written they were in the Caribbean and needed supporters to help get them back to the UK safely. I am never quite sure whether mad or bad applies in these instances.This formerly read-only archive of threads dates back to 1996, but as of March 2007 is open to new postings.Amanda has written that the fire engine was brought to pump out water rather than fire fighting.Not sure if the Hotel/Pseudo Medical center is still running.Anyway, when you go to other people's houses, do you guys look through their medicine cabinets and see what kind of stuff they use for their oral hygene?

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To "jap someone out" or "he japped me" is to do something underhanded, sly or sneaky.Maybe I should just live with a bunch of dogs in a condo if I never get married.Just a thought, considering isolating myself on an island does not seem possible at the moment. and i haven't noticed this for awhile, but i kept catching whiffs of something nasty..The original source of MMS via its leader Archbishop James V. Despite MMS curing HIV, malaria, hepatitis viruses, , common colds, autism, , acne, leprosy, cancer etc. MMS Health Restoration Center in Smolyan, Bulgaria Pearl Lodge, is it still operating, with a name change? They will all be adults now, although on one of her blogs she claims her children are terrified.Amanda did draw the line and made a stand against the church's recommendation it be used to cure children of aultism via their rectums. It's still ok to "cure" children of aultism using MMS, just not via the bum as it has been known to burn the rectum. The blog claims Amanda Mary and Dougs lives are at risk. Mybulgaria used to have two threads which showed exactly how bad these two are. dangerous/ TThe Dominican's were not easy to fool, see the comments section.One concerning the orphanage and the other about their property development. Apparently the "medication" industrial bleach Amanda Mary and Doug Jewell use.,sell and promote;is shipped from Bulgaria. ure-couple. SNGand this is Amanda's website promoting the product. e_internal. Cct An advert for one of Amanda and Doug's seminar's held at the health restoration center, previously known as Pearl Lodge [Hotel/Apartments] Here Amanda is Bishop Mary what happened to the hotel, MMS Health Restoration Center in Smolyan, Bulgaria Pearl Lodge.[UN REGULATED OF COURSE]Just a quick update for you on Pearl Lodge, I passed by this place three weeks ago on my way to the lakes ( not knowing anything about this topic subject ) and was interested to see parked on the forecourt two Rangerovers, a Jaguar and a Dennis fire engine in the livery of Fareham Fire Service, all vehicles resplendent in their UK registrations !Incidentally, it will not have escaped you that the sources cited above show that Americans became deranged at least 14 years before the English, a fact generally overlooked by serious historians.Yeah, so I'm in Seattle right now, staying with my aunt and other relatives that haven't seen me in a year. It's hard to even make out my own scent with this damn cold.The younger women with Amanda was a supposedly a patient. I see the domain is no longer active but it can be found here Qt BI have just spent a fascinating and amusing hour looking through some of the links and reading some of the blogs. On the FB page she has done 15 years cancer research.SEE youtube Smolyan, Bulgaria 5th Day @ MMS Health Restoration Center Pearl Lodge Miracle Mineral Solution She is also and a member of Genesis II Church of Health & Healing. I seem to recall all her children were adopted into her family.

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