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As the i Phone and Google Android accelerated growth in the United States, the Black Berry began to turn to other smartphone platforms.

Nonetheless, the Black Berry line as a whole continued to enjoy success, spurred on by strong international growth.

The Black Berry OS platform and BES continued to increase in functionality—while the incorporation of encryption and S/MIME support helped Black Berry devices gain increased usage by governments and businesses.

Pivotal in this development was the release of the [email protected] Pager 950, which started shipping in August 1998.The Black Berry Play Book was officially released to U. Following the shipments of 900,000 tablets during its first three quarters on market, slow sales and inventory pileups prompted the company to reduce prices and to write down the inventory value by 5 million.The primary competitors of the Black Berry are smartphones running Android and the Apple i Phone, with Microsoft's Windows Phone platform emerging as a more recent competitor.In June 2014, CNN released an article citing Black Berry as one of six endangered US-Canadian brands.Following numerous attempts to upgrade their existing Java platform, the company made numerous acquisitions to help it create a new, more powerful Black Berry platform, centered around its recently acquired real-time operating system QNX.The initial launch date was seen in retrospect as too ambitious, and hurt the company's credibility at a time when its existing aging products steadily lost market share.On September 27, 2010, RIM announced the long-rumoured Black Berry Play Book tablet, the first product running on the new QNX platform known as Black Berry Tablet OS. The Play Book was criticized for being rushed to market in an incomplete state and sold poorly.The i Phone initially lagged behind the Black Berry in both shipments and active users, due to RIM's head start and larger carrier distribution network.In the United States, the Black Berry user base peaked at approximately 21 million users in the fall of 2010.In 1993, RIM introduced the RIMGate, the first general purpose Mobitex X.25 gateway.In the same year, RIM launched Ericsson Mobidem AT and Intel wireless modem containing RIM modem firmware.

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