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Now because I signed up as man seeking women I can only give you my experience from that perspective.But I am sure that if you are a woman the men aren’t too bad themselves especially the selfies.It takes the ability to see the big picture because its only when you see the picture as such that you see failure as a lesson rather than as the end.The guy who stays close to the bowl of life, the zones of his comfort, can’t see the big picture because he’s never experienced the sting of defeat and moved forward anyway. So where he may have tried to move out of his comfort zones once before, he got bit, and getting bit wasn’t fun so he went back to the place where he started, the space of ease, void of true growth because true growth only comes from doing what you thought you previously couldn’t.Pushing yourself isn’t simply about succeeding or doing something new – though both are in a man’s nature – it’s about freedom, which is what a man must be to live a life of value.Most don’t aim higher because they’ve been trained not to.

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Standing in front of the toilet with far too much water built up in my bladder, I let it fly.Our schools do the best job of it as they train us to sit still and listen and resist every boyish, adventurous, manly urge in our body and instead fall in line. Let that warrior within lead the way, the hero, the badass, the adventurer, explorer, problem solver.We know why it happens but does that mean we have to let it happen? Let your balls lead your brain to a brilliant battle. If there’s one thing I have trouble with it’s the routine that the masses blindly fall in to without any thought or awareness that with everyday they’re doing what’s expected of them, never pushing the buttons that need to be pushed or asking the questions that need to be asked or living the life that needs to be lived. Somewhere, maybe boggled down deep in your subconscious is an adventurous man who wants to do stuff. He wants to speak up or stand out or work harder or stop complaining because he hears so many damn people complain and he knows that all it does is keep them small and insignificant. They’ve stepped up to the bowl and they won’t dare take a step back. It’s just a little bit too scary, this idea that things might get a little messy in their quest to do a little more, be a little better, dare a little mightier. There’s a part of you that wants to break free from the monotony of doing what’s accepted. Once I did that, I was able to get my messages that the lovely ladies were sending me!Besides the usual stuff like your profile and searching for people profiles this site has it set up where you can send and receive text messages on your mobile phone with the privacy of not giving the person your phone number.(window['gbar']=window['gbar'],null,0,null,null,["5061451","google\\.(com|ru|ca|by|kz|com\\.mx|com\\.tr)$",1]],null,[0,0,0,null,"","","",""],[1,0.001000000047497451,1],[1,0.1000000014901161,2,1],[0,"",null,"",0,"There was an error loading your Marketplace apps.","You have no Marketplace apps.",0,null,null,null,null,0,null,null,0],[1],[0,0,["lg"],0,["lat"]],"ld","gl","is","id","nb","nw","sb","sd","p","vd","awd","st","lod","eld","ip","dp","cpd","","","","","","","","","","mud","",""],["",null,null,null,[30,152,1,0,60],null,null,null,null,null,[1,0],null,[1,0.1000000014901161,0,40400,322,"RUS","en","1518713723.0",1,0.001000000047497451],null,[""]]];(window['gbar']=window['gbar']||)._LDD=["bt","base","bn","bu","cp","el","lo","sbi","ni","sf","up","dd","aw","iw","if","gi","vi","pi","eq","uc","aswc"];/* _Global Prefix_ */ this.gbar_=this.gbar_||;(function(_):function();var dc=function(a,c);_. B.prototype.clone=function();gc=function(a); hc=function(a);_.jc=function(a,c);_.ic=; _.kc=function(a);_.y(_.kc,_. Can we not continue to take a step back from the bowl and let it fly? And I don’t think it’s simply an option but a path we have to take if we’re going to be the men our families and our societies need us to be. Can we not be adventurous married men and role models and fathers who take care of the shit we have to take care of all the while leading an inspired life – and not just a life that inspires others but inspires us to wake up every damn morning and kick the crap out of the day that aims to keep us small and confined to this mediocrity that has claimed so many victims already? The adventurers, discoverers, innovators, builders, creators, farmers, and teachers not by words but by actions.


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