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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady gives a shout as he takes the field to warm up before the AFC championship NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Sunday, Jan. There are two types of Eagles fans: Those who believe trash-talking the Patriots will only motivate America’s most-hated football team and those who have already started Twitter fights with Pats fans. He refuses to consume things like white flour, white sugar, nightshade vegetables, and pretty much all fruit (except for the occasional banana in a smoothie). He thinks drinking lots of water — two and a half gallons a day, to be exact — helps prevent sunburn.

There are a lot of reasons to make fun of Tom Brady. He has been known to distribute UGGs in the Pats locker room.

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What about two that went against my Chicago teams: 1970 (Terry Bradshaw) and 1979 (Magic Johnson)? Opening it up to EVERY coin flip, here’s the top 10 in reverse order … They repaired the plane and three days later Orville nailed the second flight, leading Skip Bayless to tweet, "I know this is Orville’s day but I can’t get over that choke job by Wilbur! Did the Lakers lose their 1975 coin flip, then go undefeated in their next two after David Stern became the general counsel to the commissioner? Coach Billy Bob Thornton’s flip breaks the rarely seen three-team tie to nudge Permian into the state playoffs, followed by a naked Halle Berry jumping on him and screaming "Make me feel good! Even 10-Year-Old Me knew that Greenwood over Moncrief was INDEFENSIBLE.

Q: On Monday’s podcast, you asked Sal if there was ever a more important coin flip than the Pats-Falcons OT coin flip. Can you believe that from 1966 to 1984, the NBA FLIPPED A COIN to decide the no. And these flips were never televised, creating some of the league’s better conspiracy possibilities. The Bulls lost the famous Magic Johnson coin flip, then lost it a second time when everyone thought the overthinking-it-Lakers might pick Sidney Moncrief over Magic (before the Lakers came to their senses), and then a third time when Chicago picked David Greenwood over Moncrief.

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You now know him as the completely unprepared, loopy old bald guy on Fox’s pregame show. Houston won back-to-back coin flips (Ralph Sampson in 1983, Hakeem in 1984) and became The Greatest Team That Never Was (retroactive Abrams alert!

He once caused a Pats teammate to pull a hamstring by yelling at him during a charity football game to benefit disabled kids. You let us down, Patriots, the two times we cheered for you to pull through. During last Sunday’s game against the Jaguars, the Patriots were called for only one penalty. It was the fewest penalties called on one team in a playoff game since the 2011 AFC championship, when the Patriots were called for one penalty in a win over the Ravens.

And look who’s the first person to congratulate Brady after the win.

About CBS Television Stations Group (Formerly Paramount Stations Group), a division of CBS Inc., officially entered the Atlanta market September 1, 1995, acquiring WVEU-TV from BCG Communications, which held the license since sign-on in 1981.

On December 11, 1995 the call letters were changed to reflect the new ownership and direction for WUPA-TV.

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