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Blank and comment lines are ignored; others should have one or more whitespace-delimited fields as follows: Currently, I am not aware of any bugs in this script.

Rule optimization can slow things down significantly.

There is one circumstance where community migration is not feasible- when the community is opposed by an adversarial group.

An adversarial group defines itself as the opponent of another group.

Supposed enemies of free speech might point to the National Communication Association and the difference between censorship and moderation.

(Paraphrasing added): Moderation is the practice of prohibiting speech in a particular virtual community by authorities within that community.

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For opposed groups, adversarial group messages have properties identical to censorship. Freedom can be self-negating without a sense of community. Coming soon: Fur Affinity blocklist and Do Not Commission list.

It will be re-used in the event the option is given or a current copy can not be retrieved or verified. It should work on any Linux system with Perl 5 and iptables.

In addition, it can be configured to use GNU Privacy Guard (aka Gnu PG), so everything will work when you restart iptables.

If you are using any dynamic blocklists, you will probably want to call update-blocklist once or twice a day using cron to keep the blocklist up-to-date.

In addition, you may wish to call it from the startup script for your firewall.

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