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Parker Brothers applied for a patent and added this to the games.By this time, Parker Brothers realised the game was going to be a hit so production was ramped up considerably.It is estimated that over 100,000 'Patent Pending' games could have been made.No Number 9 White Box games are known with the PATENT PENDING statement on the box. After purchasing rights for Monopoly from Charles Darrow, research discovered another game very similar to Monopoly had been patented in 1924 by Elizabeth Magie.As far as I know, less than a dozen of these game boxes exist today.

It was produced in limited numbers for only a few months in mid-1935.

Also, Parker Brothers was issued their own patent for Monopoly on Dec 31, 1935 and they wanted the world to know about it, so they printed that on these game boxes.

Late in 1936, Parker Brothers realized that Monopoly was going to be their best seller and drafted a marketing plan to promote the game.

Canadian Monopoly games were introduced in 1936 and closely resembled the U. (Thanks, JP) The game boxes pictured below show different label designs and kind of a chronology of manufacture.

I'm always adding new box varieties so check back once in a while for updates.

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