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Branding a medical marijuana collection in California (San Francisco / Bay Area).

There will be multiple product names under the brand name. Johnny Walker has multiple products: Blue label, Black label, Gold label... Only need the parent brand name now and we'll name the sub-products later.

The mark must still meet the same requirements as any other submission, but you will need to file an intent to use (ITU) application, along with an additional fee, when submitting to the USPTO (see below for application process).

The reviews are less than stellar — most reviewers cite a limited user base and outdated or ineffective technology.I’m a professional with a successful career and adult responsibilities.I’m also highly academic person and spend most of my day reading, writing or talking about science, legislation, culture, and education in the cannabis landscape. We’ll call him “Sam” because I don’t remember his real name. We smoked a joint talked about life, he brought up politics and I politely took my leave.“There’s so many images that don’t apply, like the lazy stoner stereotype. I wanted to service my favorite community and offer a service nobody else was offering.” Cannabis can provide an elevated shared experience. In fact, when she and her husband were getting to know each other, cannabis was a key component in building a deeper connection.“Consume before a date, have a great meal and geek out on the food, or partake during sexy time.Affecting interstate commerce is the first requirement for federal registration.Trademark law's primary objective is to prevent consumer confusion, so in addition to being used in commerce a trademark cannot be the same as, or too similar to, another trademark for a similar service or product.You should do a search for existing trademarks on the USPTO site as well as searching for the same or similar trademarks through other resources.Additionally, your trademark cannot be prohibited (more below), generic (e.g., a "Bed" brand of beds would be considered generic because it describes the product itself rather than who manufactures it), or too descriptive (a step above generic, but still not distinctive enough to qualify for protection.) For information on distinctiveness vs.A registered trademark allows you to promote your brand and image with confidence, protected by force of federal law.The following information is intended to help you learn how to register a trademark.

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