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An elaborate plaque commemorates the spot - should I be in any doubt about having picked the right table to enjoy a warming bowl of clam chowder.And then there are the connections to the Kennedy clan.After a brief film about his life, I descend into the building’s windowless bowels to explore an exhibit on Kennedy’s 1960 Presidential campaign, including footage of his famous televised debate with Vice President Richard Nixon.Spotlighted booths dotted around the room allow me to listen to crackly secret recordings of the White House discussions between Kennedy and his advisers during the 13-day standoff that was to become a defining moment of his presidency (and the history of the 20th century).Joe Jr., who shared the bedroom with his younger brother Jack (as JFK was known by his family), also met a violent death; he was killed in 1944 during a Second World War bombing raid.Reacquiring the Beals Street house was, Rose said, like having 'my children frozen forever in time'.The company is now called Hy-Line Cruises, but it still offers one-hour voyages.

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The city was chosen by Jackie as the location for the John F.The pretty ‘wooden city’ is full of charm, and its old quarter boasts the country’s largest collection of colonial houses dating back to 1700s. to enquire as to whether he would be willing to ‘donate’ his property to the government as Kennedy’s summer White House.But it is also home to a series of grand cliff-side mansions, which were the summer homes of some of America’s wealthiest people. But Mr Monroe was not ready to vacate his beloved seafront abode.During his time as president, Kennedy rented a larger house - known as his ‘summer White House’ - half a mile down the coast.It was more private, and easier for the Secret Service to protect him there.This elegant 12-metre vessel has been restored to its former glory by America’s Cup Charters, and can be hired for private outings.Owner George Hill is at the helm as we head out on an hour-long excursion around Narragansett Bay, and along Newport’s craggy coastline.O’Donnell is bright and knowledgeable, and does not miss a beat when I quiz him on Boston’s history.He set up the tour in 2010 after noticing an increase in enquiries about Kennedy from visitors - particularly British tourists - who were intrigued by the charismatic politician.We visit Kennedy’s Senate Headquarters, the statue on the Massachusetts State House lawn where he delivered his ‘City Upon a Hill’ speech in 1961 and the Bowdoin Street apartment which he rented when he moved back to the city.This characterful red-brick building has witnessed every event in Boston’s remarkable history.

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