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And it doesn’t hurt that the answers are being provided by designated, multi-year winners of the travel industry’s most cherished designation “World’s Best Travel Specialist” by the Ediftors of Conde Nast Traveler and “Best Custom Travel Planner” by Travel Leisure. We wish to be the most unadulterated, truthful, and industry knowledgeable travel site in the world.The manner in which we address your travel questions will reflect our credo. You can count on the fact that no one is trying to sell you anything.

I certainly feel that with my postings, I am influencing lots of their potential customers but they do not seem to want to hear about it.This will negate costly commissions and conversion fees abroad.04 – Finally, your “agent” seems to be underestimating the heat issues.July has seen heat waves with temps reaching 100 degrees for the past two years.You don;t want to filter through hours of travel drivel to find a kernel of truth.You just want to get an honest, straightforward answer to your travel question.Amex has some co-branded cards that carry this benefit.We do agree that Amex is “reliable” and they are aggressive about fighting fraud.Please note that we list all questions in the order received (latest appear first).We do not categorize them to make for a more interesting read.If you belong to Hilton’s Honors Club, your room preferences should be a part of your stored profile. But you booked on one of the online sites and you were, we would guess, assigned one of the remaining rooms in your category.Hotel chains want bookings to be made via their own sites so they do not have to be paying out commission to third-party web sites.

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