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In some ways it’s a bit of a motley selection (I mean, the Alf novelty ice cream? Should I change anything about the way I go about things? They hold fond memories for many, for various reasons.Probably not, otherwise it would just end up being the same as what everyone else is doing. I remember cardboard boxes with plastic bags full of broken iced animals at the end of the aisles at Gubay’s, and also going with my grandmother and her fellow staff to the Hudson’s factory in Rosebank as a toddler to get tins of chocolate cookie and confectionery seconds. Cadbury’s issued this novelty promo “Nightcap” mug for Bournvita in 1957.Along with other popular toys, just about everyone had one of these bug catchers in the 1970s. Not long after this small hand-held consoles like Donkey Kong were the rage and it was imperative to have one. Cover artwork by Jill Mc Donald, image courtesy of the Auckland Museum Collection31. Rowntree’s products were produced under licence first by Mackintosh Caley Phoenix (MCP) whose Dunedin factory as acquired along with the Bycroft business in 1961 and became known as AB Consolidated -until it wound down in the late Seventies, and reverted to Aulsebrook’s. The classic line-up from the New Zealand kitchen cupboard for baking: Cadbury’s Bournville cocoa powder, golden syrup from CSR, cake cups from Jaytee, and good old Edmonds “Sure To Rise” baking powder which has been around since 1879 and is still one of the few most successful brands today (although the range is now in the dozens of products). Cuesenaire rods were invented in the early 1950s in Belgium – it’s not a Kiwi creation.That was the beginning of the end as toys entered the digital age, and imagination started to atrophy.30. They were meant to help educate in matters of elementary maths using different lengths and colours from one centimetre (white) to ten (orange).Really, the only way to really tell is to give over to the public and see what they have to say with their votes – that’s you, my readers and page members.OK, so have you got your own mental picture of what you think are the most popular items that Kiwi Boomers, X and Y reminisce on? It’s quite interesting to see what really butters people’s proverbial scones when it comes to Kiwi nostalgia – and it’s certainly not the typical list of Buzzy Bees, kiwifruits, Tip-Tops and flip flops! It certainly indicates the way we view ourselves and culture and how very different it is from what we are fed about our own popular “image” as Kiwis.

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The meaner kids would throw them at others to frighten them after school. Testament to its popularity, Leed, by the Coca-Cola Co., appears in this list twice. This picture was taken in 1980-1981 for a promotional postcard as reader Wendy Snookes (Tisdall) remembers posing for it; that’s her in the yellow dress on the left.We usually got these at the corner dairy along with a Zap flavoured milk for a Sunday morning treat.These ones seem to have currants in them which isn’t how, I think most people, consider a genuine one.15. It took Gregg’s a good twenty years after that to get their version on the shelves. This is one of the “go figure” entries that I guess really appealed to people. More lurid patterns stick out for me than soft, tasteful Martha Stewart-type pastels as pictured here.Whenever I post pictures of blankets and labels they always rate highly.We have three blanket-related entries in this top fifty.Certainly with this blog, I was really surprised to find that it wasn’t the short, snappy and visual bites people were reading the most – but the longest posts.Which I actually thought people would have less time and patience for…not at all, it seems.I’ve long criticised the unofficial list of Kiwiana icons, and I wrote an article on this topic for “In Search of the Vernacular” which was published last July in New Zealand by The Cultural Mapping Project.I have my own ideas about what is wrong and right in this respect, but even I don’t really know what is “popular” per se.Ironically their namesake drink didn’t even rank in the top 100 – but Fanta – also by this company – does as well. Appearing twice in this top fifty list means the humble pud from Gregg’s is something held dear by Kiwis. This range from the late 1970s, which by this time had ten flavours. The Auckland Zoo’s big concrete dragon has been around since I was little, and who knows how long before that. This Kelston Potteries (a subsidiary of Crown Lynn, this makes it the second entry) Daisy design teacup and plate, with an Alfred Meakin “Mustard” design saucer dates from the late 1960s to early 1970s.26.There’s a photo of me somewhere sitting on one of the toadstools they used to have nearby, in an orange, green and purple crochet jumpsuit. Old Spice by Shulton Ltd appeared on the market as an aftershave in the Sixties – and by the 1970s the range had extended to Original, Lime and Burley each with shaving sticks and several types of deodorants.

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  1. He’d moved to New York, used the time to get to know his daughter, even volunteering to work on the PTA at her school. “I would do anything to help Axl,” he says, “but I’m not even sure he’ll speak to me. We can’t seem to get the record finished and it’s great stuff – would you be willing to come back?