Consolidating aperture 3 library

Using A2 was a "task" for my work, to say the least. In A3 I can turn on/off sharing privileges with i Life or syncing to i Tunes to sync with either my i Pad or i Phone. I have a 27" i Mac that is about a year and a half old. I am considering Aperture 3, but I have seen this problem noted by people who are running Aperture 3 as well. Not exactly related to your problem, but Aperture 3 solved a lot (and I mean a lot) of performance issues with A2, but, it likes C2D systems with, what seems to be, a sweet spot of 8Gb ram. But neither Aperture no i Tunes tell you there is a problem. If he's stuck with a Power PC machine, he won't be able to upgrade, but the many improvements in Aperture 3 are well worth the price of getting a new machine. item.142568 Jim De Witt When you say "sync with i Tunes" I assume you mean get i Tunes to sync your photo collections with your i Phone or i Pad? As you note, it doesn't work at all until Aperture is finished generating previews (it's the previews that get synced to your i Phone). item.142556 Stephen Hart Jeff T wrote: "Is there a tried and true way to get Aperture 3 to sync photos with i Tunes (all updated versions, running on Lion)? Just updating the photos, closing Aperture (waiting for previews to be updated) then opening i Tunes doesn't do the trick consistently; toggling the Photos source selection in i Tunes from i Photo to Aperture *sometimes* does the trick but not always. item.142552 Skot Nelson Re: Is there a tried and true way to get Aperture 3 to sync photos with i Tunes (all updated versions, running on Lion)? Nothing special, so it's hard to know what advice to give you without more specifics about the problems you're having. I do recall that there were a lot of fixes in such sync behavior with Aperture 3 and its updates. item.142563 Craig Collins RE: syncing Aperture with IPhoto: Can't confirm this, but I note that Gary Webb is running Aperture 2.

Since I was not able to access the photos even from another folder inside i Photo that makes me believe i Photo is the culprit. I have seen this in the Apple forums, but no resolution. item.142544 Jeff T Is there a tried and true way to get Aperture 3 to sync photos with i Tunes (all updated versions, running on Lion)?

I have an Aperture Project specifically for my i Phone and that project is checked in the Projects and Albums list.

" I recently switched to Aperture from i Photo (after installing Lion). Have you checked the Photos tab in i Tunes with your i Phone plugged in?

I would like to hear from some others on Mac In Touch. X on a two-year-old Mac Pro with 4GB of RAM, and performance is perfectly fine.

(via the A3 Preferences panel) If you're on an older system with minimal ram, or just a CD (core duo) system, I'd stick with just i Photo and wait for a hardware upgrade to go use A3. I realize reviews [can often be] written by people who are unhappy with their purchase, but I noted quite a few people who seemed to have a lot of problems with Aperture 3. item.142641 Stephen Hart Robert Mohns wrote: "I'm pretty sure the problem lies with i Tunes, because other apps which access the i Life media libraries always see my Aperture updates after I quit Aperture." In my experience, this is true for i Web, but not true for System Preferences' Desktop and Screensaver panes. (In Lion with Aperture 3.) item.142703 Jim De Witt I run Aperture 3.

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