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He attended the University pf Texas at Arlington, and Joined the Navy in February 1967. Bordeaux Jr., whose wife BUlle is ^e daughter 1^ Ifrr'and Mrs. Paralleling^ the state's mocjifl ordinance, the or- dinance is similar to those adopted recently by the cit- ies ol Sorfolk and Chesa- peake.

The Youth Division ot the Virgin U Beach Dqwrto MBt a Bl the replenishing oiler uiss Savannah, presently under- gone overhaul in Brooklyn. Iharita"^"^ groups Hetter be charitable Solicit, in Virginia Beach w, i ,; to mett con- ditions ol a to^h n«w 15- page so Ucitati OD ordinance approved last week by City Council.

a Uve, in^X^'^tm S^m want to find oat «tat.$c««i«%^jjlai. story time at the Virginia Beach branch of the public library will get quite a trjeat for Easter. Jan OUver from Norfolk's Lagayette Park Zoo to bring a special Eoo animal to tbe story time, and in hnoor of Easter, tbe animal will be a rabbit. "Tyiewa Urn Only mm) Watt AM Radio Station THE COUNTRY S BEST MUSIC ZAM l Ui DIO SHAk E KIT IS COMING tor mort dtfails mm IT'S CLEAR IN ALL OF k.

-f ' ■" ' *»; Thdsqteople who waatip,^ haan Ler, more. Tomorrow (Apr, 7) 3-5 year olds going to the r^ular 10 a.m. We'll include your item in our ^^EE BEE section tn the ct^sified pages Or, If you i Vi Wt somettiing free, like a dog or a cat, check me FREE BEE columns in this^issue (rf your community newspaper.

Foiey himself is roundli^ our a 30-year career with the Marines, completing his last tcnr of duty at Atlantic Fleet headqiarters. Pack 409 is oae of the oldest pack« In years of continuous service in the city ol Virgil Beach. A hearty welcome was givra Ruby and Al who have returned from fiieir honeymoon. Patrick attire, gave us some high stening dancing that was quite entertaining. Tte juri»ttcti OQ of the c(»nmittee over those charges also was emied i? NEW 20 YEAR Fiberglass SHINGLE ROOF 24x301 •^rr ^^ 1 Story Nail Over ^ 4/12 Pilch installed New execs at Beach ad firm pe The Virginia Beach firm of %mm^ * Kennedy has ap- prtirted R ■iw^K^ tte ai^otatm^ ot Ms. Buffinanas director ^ t N «ewy*s i^r- ]y fto Kv^ ff UMe matio MJ Jivistn.! — ilat ttie City Council should encourage thedevelo|»nent of an orgnuixed idgrsieian exchange under the ausj^es ility dt {diysician services in the city.

^ : —*■*' 'When the meeting starta» It's all business.' The League meets once a ramth at the Mariner Hotel on the beachfnmt, usually the first Wednesday of the month. •^Doyou want a place by the ocean., next to the fishing pier., to relw and imwind? Winnie Chestnut, with nimble fingers, was at the piano. See our Low Price me were beautiful works of art and some weren't. He said that Wh Ue^ a large number of peqile believe there is a pl QFslcian shorti^e at the beach, there is a large number of physicia BB looking for patients.

Finclwm declined any cmnment for or against incumbent Comm Mfealth Attorney Ai Kire Evans, saying hewoo M rather defer any c Mnment until it was established whether Hvans wou U H$k reelectlcm. Other officers elected this year Inclwde Joe Backo, senior vice commandant; George Meegan, junior vice cratraand- ,a Qt; Gerald Fox, adjutant; Lee Bar- onet, paymaster, Wilbur May, detedi- ment chaplain; Pat Schmo Uer, his- torian, and Roy Meotalvo, Sergeant alarms. The "Honor Den fbr the Year" award went tot the Webelos. Wolf Arrow Points went to Bar- ry Fldnick and Mike Worth- Ington. The Local Radio Station FM92 MUSIC RADIO Chesapeake, Va. The patients seemed to be in better condition than the members of the band! Stefton Strick- land, pastor of the Bow Creek Presbyterian Church, sup - ported the ordinance saying that "organizations are in- fri? Neptlations for tte ,000 sale were hawlledby Robert B. Dodson Morrisette and Virginia Beach attorney John B. Ri^cldefit Mit ^ Coitim^'ciot Indu strial WE HAVE ROOFED OVER 1,000 I^^SWt 076 • Shinqle Hooling • Hriol Rcparr, • (iuiicl-Ur; Rue "inq • Stale Hcjofing • Power c* i; HJwrnyuui • ( ,nt: 1 1 V»fi M- FOR FREE ESTIMATES PHONE 4a Xs S864 Becoobr ..lissiimmc Bewctfmer gctwiniere N, t UPCO FOAM t NSULATKM4 MEANS SIMffi RSI^mi OS. ftrt •Mien a t KHi^ is pool Y inailated tt»«»t een ^»s^w*• ^li topco Foam h^krtl OT acts 05 on ii^i Wh Q Ixi^ sec* in oool air (Hid *ph 8te(^ tils: b(en homes wltti- ojt air a)nditk3nir^ ^ay ojoler sk J dria! It compleieiyseaisandlnsuiates wi^Andtjniikedher types of iotokw, RQpoo Foam \Mlt nc* settte, toow^ winsi Aited vwite. Itsumxinds ondinsuk Ms oo Uesond junction boxes w^«ie tts^ffis^ ^ecfttetf fires nioy occur. t Mfrmn ittle ^ii Or S cited ISwfers get 250 more it.

"When the meetii^ starts, it's all business." (Ccmtinued im page 2) Ride a bus! Virginia Bwch City Council Monday afternoon passed a resolution pro- claiming the month of April as Pid)lic Transporte Uon Month. Dinner music was played, and Mary, wltti her ready smile, played several violin selecttoof which gave you a stroll down memoi^ lone. the rules were: ;the kite bad to fly for two minutes, a Jid then the owner had one raitoti to haul it in (or w^i fa S left J of it). —An orpudxed, ongoing data co Uectitn system is needed for tiie D^artmnit of H^th, Mental Health and Social Ser- vice.

In making his announcement, Fin- chem stated he woi Hd seek the sup- . Seniors plan ^mountain trip^ Sunshine Valentine's Day at the Medic Heoltii Care Coiter was enjoyed by the patients while the Tidewater Senior Citizens Band idayed old fashioned tnes that brought back memories of days g(»e by. ' 'It is impossitde to shop or wa Uc on the streets without someone asking to solicit fbr some- thi^." It is hard to find out whether the organiza - tion is legitimate of not although it may be dassi- lled as charitable: Ttje pre- sent city ordinance,, he said, amears, to sanation just alwut anybody.

port of all Democrats, not any one faction of the party. "Ci Qiid's swing" was in ftill force by the patients. Mary Mitchell has an ^ility to achieve melodic wannth on her violin and gave several solo selections. He said he knew of one organization which disbursed only seven per cent of its collections fe the public or tor chari- table purposes. Cross- i Kbite, sold the motel for an undisclosed amowt -to three brothers Nick, Dennis and Andrew Ecowmofi, Tide- water businessmen.

Aay former «■ active Mari M ca BMwtaet Foley at 424-1733 of Flem- im M 3M'S117, or write: Mariw Cco^ LMg M^ P. (Xieradorf said that .rqwrts from eiyte leagw* s1»w tte pw^deare in do^ abrati*«(i Character rnis in me urst year the Institute's annual meeting I be held in the Norfolk p"-- 101 consecative meetings were .uuapolia, Maryland, tlte to OBdlng of the td last year the Holto- KTved ^i M y^rs io ^oary or collateral NATO i^f au^^pmrn Oa, i Mlaffiaf da^ as ttreetor of pti^ ami op MHttas OB Oie siatf (d mt &p%me Allied Cam- onaa An' Atk Me. temthat'wottld save 4,000 annually, |200,000 tor in - sulation ami storm windows that would save |37,700 an- nually, and 0,000 jfor a '•"^Tft Jl Kana; the authorise 0,000 in funds to replace various steam and condensate systems and in- sulation. Evening socials are also planned, including a camp-fire aiul ^.^ii^-a'-loi^. The American Associa - tion of Medical Assistants is an organization for em- ployees in physician's of - fices and is designed to help inspire its members to give honest, loyal and efficient service to their profession and to the public which they serve. ne ^o ww M be ^iptadna My 10 nita q Murt ttd nay be vytag tor t Msii^ wittttefew clti^iw^ aval Uble. Palmer, Ommaa^r of Amphibious Gtm^tw,(AUA the men, s Mieoftton from Virginia Beach, tor tfeeir {tt^ssimal ex Mllence and performance 4rf Mj.

Ike ^tttate bapm m geim A sf Wmi V m^st io W19 ud eirr«My re- ceive bctwc M M and 10 «Btri^ «ieh j^ur intfe^co B* test. Anmial dollar sav- ings fnmi this project ises- Umatedat|63,«». Tbeaccommo- 'mtl OTS are lovely - two or three per room, heated rooms, hot stowers, large recreation hall and cafe- teria. Each year the Virginia Beach chapter of the AAMA donates their charity Itall's profits to a community pro- ject or charitable organiza- tion. IMurl Md i MMit a grav M Poago aad Blaekwater resl- ^m - mtk A 9tmm NMHttoa. - i Mch Is try^ to o Mita Wt MOO to AMri tate to oper M an euipatt^ ee^r aad tw aatel Ute tee Uities thimgh INO. The ^ award the Havy CMno Mndatto B M«lal-went to CUet Boatswain's Mate HOwanl R.

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