Dating a college athlete

These are people that know the value of compromise and trade-offs, valuable skills in a romantic partnership.Of course, it's important to remember that sacrifice goes both ways in a relationship!

Butt Slaps A nice pat on the rump is always appreciated and I'm usually willing to reciprocate -- especially with an athlete's butt!In real life, it’s like that, but not to that degree.It is hard to date college athletes because there is a certain standard that has been established, athletes have a very hectic schedule, and at times they can be too busy for a girlfriend.Of course, just because someone has these characteristics on the field does not mean they are going to bring them into the home.But it gives a starting point and a vocabulary from which to build, both for yourself and your potential partner.But, if their egos alone are not a deal breaker, the women that follow them around are.I cannot speak on behalf of every athlete at CCSU because everyone is different, but speaking from my own personal experience.Thanks to online dating, I eventually found my athlete.He embodies all of these traits in the relationship and in athletics. In a relationship, this balance between mindful living and future planning helps to create a partnership that thrives in the moment and will continue to grow in the future.Sacrifice Athletes know how to make sacrifices to achieve their goals. ) trade in a momentary desire, such as a day off or a double bacon cheeseburger, for a longer-range aspiration.

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