Dating an unemotional person One on one free live chat sexy

As one mate said, “Living with my unemotional husband is like living in two different worlds.” Another said, “It’s worse than living in a prison or taking care of another child.” If you wonder why you live with someone who does not fulfill your emotional needs or you work so hard to make the relationship work with little to show for it, here are some characteristics of people like you.Since you grew up in a home where you did not experience trusting, close relationships with one or both of your caregivers, you struggle with developing and maintaining trusting, close relationships with others.It is always easier to point the finger believing your mate is the problem for not getting fulfillment in the relationship.The truth is, you will never be fulfilled if you look to your mate for the things you did not receive as a child.

Since your mate has not been able to fulfill your emotional needs, you blame him or her for not living up to their part of the relationship, believing you can’t make a difference in the relationship until your mate changes.When you are consumed with making things work you neglect your own needs, wants, and desires with the hope that someday you will have a loving relationship.Unfortunately, that “someday” never comes and you find yourself dried up emotionally to the point of dying inside before you get help for yourself.If you lived or live in relationships that are hurtful or unemotional, you are more accustomed to people that disrespect you than give you love, encouragement, and appreciation.You have a tendency to believe you must work harder at everything in order to win acceptance and prove your worthiness.As a result, you may be more accustomed to a relationship based on surface love, such as being a good provider of your material, social, and financial needs.You are more accustomed to the absence of affection in a relationship than you are with receiving affection.Learn why you live with a mate that lacks the ability to emotionally connect and what to do about it Living with a mate who doesn’t express emotions can be one of the most difficult challenges of your life.No matter how much you try to speak to your mate, it’s like you’re speaking to a wall.Unfortunately, the ungrateful, disrespectful, or unemotional response you receive from the other person perpetuates the same belief that your work is not acceptable.As a result, you will always consider the needs of others (at the exclusion of your own) in order to accomplish the task of winning their approval and feeling better about yourself.

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