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There are 20,235 dwellings in Brandon with an occupancy rate of 95.5%, and the median cost of a dwelling at 9,747, lower than the national average at 0,552.

As far as education goes, for those who are 25 to 64 years old, the highest levels of education are as followed; 49.6% of people have a post-secondary schooling degree, 30.1% have a high school degree (or equivalent too) and 20.2% have nothing.

The Brandon hills are located to the southeast, from which Brandon got its name.

Brandon is 214 km (133 mi) from the provincial capital, Winnipeg; and 120 km (75 mi) from the Saskatchewan border.

But late in June 1881 it became clear that Grand Valley would not have lasted as a city long term.

A flood hit in late June, and as the city was built on a low-lying part of the river, flooded quickly and dramatically.

During the 1870s it was believed by most that the transcontinental railway would take a northwesterly direction from Portage la Prairie.

Many thought that the route would most likely go through either Minnedosa or Rapid City, Manitoba because they were both located at natural river crossings.

The racial make up of Brandon is; European (77.3%), Aboriginal (11.2%); First Nations (6.3%), Metis (4.7%), Latin American (4.4%), East Asian (3.5%), Black (1.2%) Southeast Asian (1.0%), South Asian (1.0%), West Asian & Arab (0.3%) and 0.1% of the population is multiracial while the rest of the population (0.1%) is of another group.With the destruction of their staff of life, the buffalo, the nomadic Sioux people began to agree to settle in reservations such as the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation, or left the area entirely.French Canadians also passed through the area on river boats on their way to the Hudson Bay Post, Fort Ellice located near present-day St. The city of Brandon gets its name from the Blue Hills south of the city, which got their name from a Hudson's Bay trading post known as Brandon House, which got its name from a hill on an island in James Bay where Captain James had anchored his ship in 1631.Rapid City was the front runner for the site of the new railway and had prepared for the impending building boom accordingly.But suddenly, in 1881, the builders of the railway decided to take a more westerly route from Winnipeg, towards Grand Valley.Grand Valley was located on the northern side of the Assiniboine, opposite the side of the river where present-day Brandon sits.Grand Valley was originally settled by two brothers John and Dougal Mc Vicar, and their families.With the expectation of the new railroad, settlers and prospectors now rushed to an area they had previously avoided. Rosser, Chief Engineer of the Canadian Pacific Railway arrived in Grand Valley.It was Rosser's job to choose the townsites for the railway.Brandon has a fairly dry climate, with 462 millimetres (18.2 in) of precipitation annually; and, as such is located in the Palliser's Triangle region of the Prairies.There is measurable rainfall on 56.0 days throughout the year, and 38.8 days with snowfall.

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