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Understandably, non-Danes find it difficult to develop friendships with their Danish colleagues, who often appear uncomfortable spending more than a couple minutes at a time on chit chat. In fact, we may even want to get to know you better – just not during working hours.

Many a time did I walk past a line of people in London and nod with approval; Brits are one of the few peoples in the world whom we consider fellow masters at queuing.

Of course we're more worried about where we park our bicycles than our babies when we're out shopping.

I mean, have you seen how much a decent bike costs in Denmark?

Considered one of the bedrocks of civilisation among Danes, queuing is what separates us from the animals.

Even though everybody did seem to be massively inebriated, the pickup scene fun and non-sleazy, not to mention refreshingly easy due to the Danes’ mastery of the English language. The people are hot, fun, and inexplicably happy to be alive, which is pretty refreshing and a bit surprising, considering the arctic temperatures 9 months of the year. Maybe we looked in the wrong places, but judging by the size of the city and the blisters on my Converse-clad feed, not a neighborhood was left unexplored.

At 5pm however, we switch off and become human again.

The first is activated from roughly 9am-5pm, during which time we are something reminiscent of Terminators with the ‘kill' function disabled: expressionless, impersonal, and determined to avoid small talk while we dedicate ourselves entirely to the successful completion of whatever we're working on.

We can be as subtle as the Germans and as sarcastic as the Brits, but we also have a dark side to our humour that revolves around challenging political correctness and provoking what can be called a ‘guilty laugh', often forgetting that a lot of foreigners find it horribly offensive. Every Dane owns a bicycle, has had at least two stolen, and will confess after a few drinks that they've also stolen a couple themselves.

Danish has a tenth of the vocabulary of English, which is probably because we don't really see a need for having more than one way to say something.

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