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Do you make at least ,000 a year and have health insurance?" Men are getting the hint, the Wall Street Journal said Wednesday. "If you are able to add someone to your health insurance as a 'spousal equivalent' have I got a deal for you. Wake up every morning with a view usually only available when you are on vacation.Pikasilmäyksellä voimme huomata, että enää ei pojilla ole pipoja päässään, mutta sen sijaan miltei kaikilla oli jo kaupasta ostetut puserot.Toki ne eivät silloinkaan vielä olleet mitään merkkivaatteita.In January, a "hovering" car was spotted on Google Earth in an affluent Perth suburb of Bicton.Google Earth, launched last year, allows users to skim across the planet and zoom down to a height of about 1,000 feet using images from satellites and aircraft.

After exchanging contact information, they signed off.Take Christine Ferris, who spends a fair bit of time on the Internet scanning for a man: "I would like to meet a man who can relax and enjoy the woods, the fog, the sea, the mountains," says her profile on the dating site Or Lisa Dunbar, whose Craigslist personal went like this: "Are you strong, smart and sophisticated, confident and kind, without being too uppity or conceited? Right should "have health insurance and use it," she adds.After "soaking" up scents, they are sealed in special bottles and frozen at minus 18 Celsius, or 4 degrees Fahrenheit. A well-trained police dog has a success rate of about 95 percent when it comes to matching scents, so three dogs are used for each case in order to ensure accuracy, according to Wu Dehua, a specialist in police dog training.Man, 105, meets potential bride on Web CHENGDU, China, March 22 (UPI) -- A 105-year-old Chinese man looking for a younger wife and his 50-year-old potential bride have met for the first time via the Internet.We need to know more about each other before talking about marriage," Zhang said.Gong said: "I never expected to meet someone like Zhang with modern technology.Silloin pukeuduttiin johonkin "lapselliseen" asuun ja kierreltiin kaduilla ja koulussa "leikkien ja pelleillen".Se oli kuitenkin tiiviissä yhteydessä rajusti kasvavaan Helsinkiin – niitä yhdisti teräskiskoinen napanuora, jota pitkin silloiset munkkalaiset kulkivat romanttisesti keikkuvilla M-tunnuksilla varustetuilla raitiotievaunuilla asioidessaan kaupungin keskustassa.I could see that she is an able and virtuous woman.Niin se maailma muuttuu Kun Munkkiniemen Yhteiskoulu täytti 10 vuotta - syksyllä 1948 - niin II luokan pikkukeijut ( kesäperhoset?

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