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If one wishes to check out this standard column (or standard geologic age system), where can he go to see it for himself? almost any textbook, in fact, that deals with evolution or earth history.

There is only one place in all the world to see the standard geologic column. A typical textbook rendering of the standard column is shown in Figure 44.

This is supposed to be hard-headed pragmatism." O'Rourke 1976, American Journal of Science. Picture taken from Institute of Creation research and Answers in Genesis video "Geological evidences for rapid strata formation." To top To top What is the geological column?

The geological column can be illustrated by the chart in Figure 2.

Many fossils, like this jellyfish fossil, actually show stability of some species over time rather than change and there is a lack of intermediates.

Species that are the same as their fossil ancestors are called "Living fossils".

This is because their presence can be used to "date" the rocks that they are in. A sequoia stem and alder leaf fossilized in sedimentary rock.

"To qualify as an index fossil, a particular fossil species must be found buried in rock layers over a very wide geographical area, preferably on several continents.

Three quarters of the earth's continental surface is composed of sedimentary rock, that is rock that has been laid down in water (Baker, 1996).

The above paragraph was largely taken from the Revolution against Evolution web site, and the page Uniformitarianism and the Geologic Columnwith kind permission from Dan Janzen.

"The column is supposed to represent a vertical cross-section through the earth’s crust, with the most recently deposited (therefore youngest) rocks at the surface and the oldest, earliest rocks deposited on the crystalline “basement” rocks at the bottom.

The periods are further divided into epochs, but we usually hear of named epochs only in the most recent Cenozoic era. That book had a profound influence on Charles Darwin; he read it several times while on the Beagle cruise.

Darwin mentioned in several of his writings how it excited him and changed his entire outlook on life, giving him the ideas that led to his theory of evolution.

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