Dating in isle of wight

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I have had a number of research enquiries recently where the correspondent has failed to even give me their own name, and the details of the research required have been very sketchy.

I tend to act upon positively what is offered in terms of effo..Ann is unable to go to the Record Office at the moment to do research but she does have a considerable amount of material at her own home and can often use these resources to help people. The time Ann gives to the research, she gives freely but if any expenses are involved such as petrol, postage, copying etc. Sad to say some people have taken advantage of Ann in the past. [entry verified 18th August 2010] Mike Dyble offers the following assistance : I am a descendant of the JACKMANs who lived on the Isle of Wight, specifically Jacob Jackman, baptised Shorwell 14th May 1781 who was my 4g grandfather. When my mother died in 2013 I inherited a huge number (1000's) of family photos and cuttings.Some of the Jackman family from the late 19th and early 20th Century are represented (by 1919 they were living in Balham, London), so if anyone recognises these names in their family tree I have some pictures that may be of interest.sadly I haven't found myself someone to spend time with and so i thought i'd try this site.would like to get to know someone and see what ma..(If using this service, please only ask for the services of one of the LOOK-UP volunteers) Pamela Sim offers her services to look up records in the IW County Record office for people unable to do this for themselves.Although she does not charge expenses she would welcome a small donation to a local charity of which she is a Trustee.I'd like to remind correspondents that, in order to assist them as best we can, we need as much precise detail as possible of names, dates and places.Although we try to be as helpful as we can, a request such as "provide me with details of all my ancestors in the Isle of Wight" will not be considered.Also, please do not e-mail more than one person with the same research request as this is not only time-wasting, but also goes against the spirit of the voluntary offers made, and may result in lookup services being withdrawn.Lookup services for the Isle of Wight This is a country wide service undertaken by volunteers to do some initial research for family historians from local resources.

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