Dating my guild

Usually, it gives the audience a recap of the previous episode and shares Codex's feelings on the subject.

The video blogs appear to be outside the timeline, as she is usually wearing an outfit (typically her pyjamas) different from that in the episode itself, though some blogs take place in the time line with other characters or situations interrupting Codex.

Each season is divided into 12 episodes (with the exception of season 1, which is divided into 10 episodes).

Cyd Sherman struggles to limit her time online, where she games as her alter ego Codex, a member of the Knights of Good.

Zaboo finds out about Bladezz's modelling career and blackmails him into giving the gold and equipment back to the Guild.

Seasons two through five were later made available on the official Guild website, You Tube, and i Tunes.

After two years of gaming, Day decided to make something productive from her experiences and wrote the series as a sitcom television pilot.

Bladezz coerces Vork to abandon the lecture in favor of a poker game (offline), hoping to make up some of what he spent on Tink.

Clara advertises Codex's party and it becomes a crowded kegger.

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