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Their photo could be very old/photoshopped/of someone else. This person may prefer the fantasy life rather than facing up to reality, so will keep the penpal scenario going on as long as possible.

14) Its still early days Give things a chance to blossom – yes, you may have been talking for a while, but perhaps the other person just wants to get to know you a bit better and feels its too early to meet up. 15) (S)he’s just not that into you This is the one that no-one wants to hear.

If you’re a single guy and you’re wondering what makes a man irresistible to women…you’ll find the answers here.

For the single ladies, he’s the male point of view on what they find irresistible.

Sometimes it’s just a case of the other person waiting for you to make the move and test the waters.

44% of those who had used dating apps/sites behind their partners’ backs also admitted to going further than ‘window shopping and actually met up with people off sites/apps too.5) Ego-boost Sometimes people use dating sites and apps for reassurance that they are still desirable and attractive.It’s sad but sometimes true – perhaps the conversation with the person you like is nothing more than an ego-boost for them. If someone is only messaging you when they’ve admitted they’re out with friends, or asking you for photos but not sending any in return, don’t fall into the trap of being entertainment for their mates.Has anyone else noticed that there’s more ‘digital small talk’ going on these days than real-life face-to-face dating?A friend and I got talking recently about this modern day penpal-esque dating dilemma.13) He/she doesn’t look like their photo in real-life The dreaded catfish!This person knows you wouldn’t go for them if you saw them in real life.My friend expressed his frustration at the fact that he was texting a girl but the conversation wasn’t going anywhere and there was no indication of meeting up.He said this seemed to be happening more frequently, but I told him that it’s not just a woman thing – I’d experienced the same thing with guys too.7) Back-up plan A reason that penpal style dating scenarios don’t develop into real-life meet ups is that sometimes the other person has already pigeon-holed you as a back-up plan If things don’t work out with someone else.8) Waiting for you to make the move You might be complaining that your relationship hasn’t progressed to real-life, but have you considered that the reason for this is because the other person is waiting for you to make the first move? Apps such as Tinder provide a constant stream of new faces to potentially date.

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