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The masterplan also sets out the potential for three million square feet of new commercial development around the station, with 7,000-square meters of complementary leisure and retail space inside, as part of the new common concourse.

Aside from being a key national landmark and integrated transport interchange boosting regional connectivity, the remodeled Leeds Station, featuring high-speed rail, has a pivotal role to play as an economic and regeneration driver for the city and wider region.

The new WWTP is designed to increase capacity to more than 2 million gallons per day to meet current and projected future needs.

The state-of-the-art facility will feature closed-circuit television and energy monitoring and control systems.

ITER is the next step in one of the world's leading energy research programmes, and is bringing together the largest nations in a quest to harness nuclear fusion to meet mankind's future energy needs.To increase methane production, food scraps will be utilized from the cadet mess hall and other post dining facilities.A modern convenience that will be added to the barracks buildings for the first time is air conditioning, a luxury previously unheard of for cadets throughout West Point’s 200 plus-year history.The initial 65-acre phase will feature 13,000 gravesites and accommodate both casketed and cremated remains.In addition to gravesites, the cemetery will include the following features: Green building principles and renewable energy initiatives are being incorporated, and the completed Phase 1 of the project will be LEED silver certified and will meet all federal energy and sustainability mandates.Using innovative tools like our interactive 4D VIS site logistics model, we’re able to predict construction impacts and costs years in advance.Energy-savings features are incorporated into the Scott Barracks renovations and are expected to yield an estimated 30 percent reduction in annual energy costs, while high-efficiency, low-flow plumbing fixtures will reduce water use by more than 40 percent.To protect future development of the cemetery, Atkins is also providing channel stabilization and restoration along the Corral Tributary to prevent erosion.Our services include a 35% design for the design-build renovation of the historic Scott Barracks, originally built in 1936, and full design services for extensive renovations of the Mac Arthur (Short Wing), Mac Arthur (Long Wing), and Pershing Barracks.Atkins is leading a consortium of leading global design, engineering and project managing consultants made up of Atkins, Gensler, Bilfinger, GVA, Faithful Gould, Albion Economics and BAM Construction for the planning and design work for the station.The proposed new front entrance will create a world-class gateway entrance to Leeds, with another entrance connecting to the South Bank and the new city park.

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