Dating site for men who like large women dating on mobile in usa

Of course, we can thank those more extreme stunts for helping the feeder culture land so much mainstream attention.The reality of most “plus-size” relationships isn’t so sensational.Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.As Hanne Blank, author of "“Feederism is a red herring, it creates alarm and controversy that derails more meaningful discourse about fat sexuality.All of fat people’s sexuality gets lost in the shadow of the mainstream media’s voyeuristic fixation on what is portrayed as a freak show." That said, it is out there.

The weight made her increasingly reliant on others to help her with simple tasks, like getting in and out of the shower.

And that kind of helplessness is exactly what some involved in the feeding lifestyle are after.

There’s a section at the bottom of the page that reads, “You want someone who will help you get dressed in the mornings when you can no longer bend over to pull up your skirt or pants, someone who will help you wash when you are too fat to fit in the bath or shower, and above all someone to cook and lovingly feed you when you are too heavy to get up from the couch.”It’s an extreme example, of course.

is another destination for those interested in the lifestyle.

The website contains photos and videos of those indulging in feeding activities — often employing extreme techniques to maximize caloric intake.

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