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That's good news for every international dating fan. I’m not an angel and if you want to pay for a girlfriend experience, then do it.

Just imagine how this girl will feel when you, a man who is the complete opposite of the sex tourists she sees every day, approach her with a charming smile and an honest invitation.​” under pictures of two young women who are dancing on a pole. The girls want to earn money and you want some fun. However, I want to warn you about one thing: They know exactly how to make you believe that they are in love with you and before you know it, you are a victim of the bar girl trap. I already wrote about it in this article about Thai women, but I’ll explain it briefly: for many guys who date a Pattaya bar girl and fall in love with her.

It’s the second biggest tourist hotspot in Thailand. And that’s just the official number of the inhabitants who are registered.

The Thai government assumes that Pattaya has between 300.000 and 500.000 inhabitants.

Then I received an email from a guy who wanted to meet women in Pattaya. We wanted to spend a relaxed day at the beach and it’s the closest beach to Bangkok.

In his email he wrote that he was not a sex tourist. When I told him that there are hundreds of go-go bars and thousands of bar girls in this city, he replied in a way that I didn’t expect. So, in case you are a man who wants to spend your holiday at the beach, move to Pattaya, or enjoy your retirement in one of the condos near the ocean and you are not interested in the bar scene, this article is for you.

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The vast majority of women in this city have normal jobs.

I don’t want to brag, but when it comes to dating Thai girls, I consider myself an expert.

I’ve written about the women in Bangkok and the women in Chiang Mai.

Depending on where you go, you might meet a couple of girls who are on holiday or who just take a break from work. There are several cafes and restaurants that offer speed dating events.

A couple of years ago they even tried to set a new speed dating world record. Remember, it’s a city with thousands of foreigners and tens of thousands of lonely Thai girls who can’t find a decent man.​Even though I think that speed dating is fun, I believe that it’s not the best way to meet women in Pattaya. No, I don’t mean the prostitutes who use the hotel lobby as a place to hunt for customers.

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