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"His life philosophy was: Life is a shit sandwich, and every day you take another bite until you die," she says.The couple never had any children, and Susan was fine with that.

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"I have nothing to live for anymore," he told officers. But Susan and Mike had paid off the Montavilla house, and it was worth about 0,000—a house that would be his if Susan died. But security records showed someone had disabled the alarm at the Montavilla house while Susan was at work.She and all the other nurses at Providence trained regularly in self defense, learning how to slip out of headlocks and clutches.Years of training steadied Susan, who was still wearing blue scrubs when she returned home that night.Relatives and friends told police he'd been raised in an upper-middle-class home and was an avid tennis player.Financial records police later reviewed show that on the day of the attack, Mike drove his gold Dodge Neon to the coast, checking into the Lincoln City Inn with a credit card that afternoon.She moved to Oregon in the early '80s, settling first in Coos Bay and later Portland.Outgoing and vivacious, Susan unleashed loud, boisterous laughs.When her assailant came at her, Susan crowded him, knowing the swings of his weapon would have less force if she stayed close. At the same time, she tried to rifle through Haffey's pockets, looking for ID she could toss under a bed or chair or dresser that police would later find."I was like a downed power line snapping on the pavement," she says.When she went to shows at Harvey's Comedy Club, she'd sit in the front row.He started slowly revealing to her in the early years that he'd never really been happy.

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