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She did not think much of it at first but it became clear as she left him 6 voicemails over the next few days feeling concerned that something might have happened to him. You have no idea why they are leaving you and you assume the worst about yourself. She was relieved and angry at the same time for not knowing this information before because it could have saved her many heartaches.I knew I had to help her right away because she was not able to live with herself. I got those notes out and we both spent another hour going over these notes, comparing her actions in previous relationships and what she needed to modify. But she was majorly relieved because now she knew what she had to do. I cannot believe this is happening and happening so fast. A man and woman find each other attractive, then she does something that turns him off completely and irreversibly.Do you know the number 1 mistake women make that is a HUGE TURN OFF to men?This happened despite the fact that I know about this list and how it works.Heck, I even taught this to few selected female clients which made it possible for them to attract the man they desired and marry him.I had promised myself a long time ago, after a woman broke my heart, to never settle down with another woman again.With my pick up skills I had no reason to be with one woman but now I was chasing her like a little puppy chases a bone.

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Never thought someone would treat me like a princess and love me as much as I love him.And unless you can appeal to these desires in him, something will keep telling him that you both are not on the same page and he will not want to be with you. I don’t think words can describe the pain Beth went through.When she called him next day he never returned the calls. It is one thing to not be able to date a man you love, it is one thing to have a man break up with you or even cheat on you but when men after men disappear without giving you reasons it destroys you.I took all the notes from training my make clients and put together a collection of notes, videos, and images to help her understand what men like in women and how to trigger their primal instinct so they fall in love with you and desire to spend their lives with you.Through these cheat codes, I taught her triggers to make a man bond with you.I gave her the deep understanding of what it is that men crave on the biological level.These are the only desires that matter – rest is just politically correct and socially cool messages to not get punished by society. There were nights they had sex and talked all night long. She was convinced she finally met the man of his dreams.So they focus all their energy on reaching milestones like getting him to go on one more date, getting him to say I love you, having him call back, have him return affection and getting married.They feel these milestones might change his feelings and bring stability longevity to their relationship.He did not want to talk anymore and kept saying it was best they ended things. She was scared that she will be alone for the rest of her life because she felt old, out of shape and had kids. Her fears became increasingly real when she started dating again.He said things like he loves her but is not in love with her anymore. He said she was great and it was nothing she did wrong. She went on various dates through online dating sites. And when she met someone promising he made no effort to bond with her.

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