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The decapper 10 is especially designed to remove a cap 11 and septum 12 from a via] 13.The cap 11 is made of a deformable material such as aluminum; while the vial is usually made of glass, and the septum 12 is made of a resilient material such as rubber. 4-7, the septum 12 has a reduced portion which fits into the neck of the vial to seal the same and a peripheral portion which overlies the top of the bottle, which top is indicated by the numeral 14.4 is a vertical section through the jaws and a vial showing an initial relationship of the various parts before the jaws contact the cap; FIG. 4 but showing the relationship of the parts in a moved position; and FIGS. 4 and 5, respectively, but showing another embodiment of the jaws.DESCRIPTION Reference is now made more particularly to the drawings wherein similar reference characters indicate the same parts throughout the several views.In this manner, the jaws 22 and 23 are positioned by relatively movable arms or handles in the manner of a pair of pliers.Jaws 22 and 23 are mirror images of each other; therefore, a description of one of the jaws may be taken as applying to the other jaw. 1, that the jaws have opposed faces 31 which conveniently engage each other when the jaws are in the position shown in FIG. A stop face 32 is arranged perpendicular to face 31 for overlying and resting on the top of the cap as shown in FIGS. An inwardly facing gripping edge 33 is spaced from the stop face 32 a distance approximately equal to, but no greater than, the distance from the top of the cap 11 to the top 14 of the vial.The decapper has opposed jaws mounted on pivotally connected arms. Cl B67b 7/00 [58] Field of Search 81/336, 3.37, 3.4, 3.42, 1 81/3.44, 3.46 [56] References Cited FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS 71,129 12/1927 Sweden 81/144 315,839 10/1956 Switzerland 8I/3.44 311,158 2/1919 Germany 81/342 [4 June 18, 1974 Primary Examiner-James L. Each jaw has a flat stop face for engaging the top of the vial cap, and an arcuate gripping edge spaced from the stop face a distance equal to the distance from the top of the vial rim to the top of the cap.

In this manner, portion 45 rides inwardly over the top of the vial as the gripping edge is moved inwardly, as shown in FIG. It is now deemed obvious that the present invention provides a decapper of simplified construction which has opposed jaws each of which has an arcuate gripping edge spaced from a stop face a distance no greater than the distance from the top of the cap to the top of the vial, and an undercut portion between the gripping edge and the stop face.United States Patent [191 Koebbeman DECAPPER [76] Inventor: Ralph F. It is frequently desirable to easily remove the cap and septum from a vial, even though the septum-cap arrangement is a very secure closure. Bicks Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Morsbac Ih, Pillote & Muir ABSTRACT The decapper has opposed jaws mounted on pivotally connected arms.It is known that in hospitals scissors, nail files, and like instruments are used for such decapping.Obviously such tools are not designed for decapping and are inefficient at best. 2,643,805, issued June 30, 1953, to Josef Muller-Strobel.In considering the drawing, it should be kept in mind that FIGS.l and 3 show a decapper, generally designated 10, from the bottom. 1 and 3 show the side of the decapper which would face downwardly when placed upon the cap of a vial.One decapper which is on the market is a modification of the structure shown in US. This is a relatively complex tool and sells for about 80 dollars. SUMMARY The present invention relates generally to a decapper and, more particularly, to a decapper for removing the cap from a vial of the type which has a rubber septum inserted into the neck of the vial and an aluminum cap which is crimped over the rim of the vial.It is a general object of the present invention to provide a decapper for removing the cap from a vial of the type described.Gripping edge 33is arcuate and on a radius different from the radius of the exterior of the cap 11.Preferably, the radius of the gripping edge 33 is less than the radius of the cap 11.

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