Dns not updating

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When you make a DNS change, it takes time for the changes to take effect. It is the time it takes for the domain DNS to refresh the cache on the network.

The Registrar - This is where the domain is registered. For example: I have several domain names registered via Network Solutions.

The Registrar has ultimate authority of the domain name (registration, renewal, suspension). DNS Host - This is where the name servers and DNS zone and records exist. Network solutions is the registrar and if I so choose they can also host my DNS namespace (the DNS zone for my domain name - this is where the authoritative name servers are), they could also host my web site and my email if I so choose. I happen to have my DNS zone (again, the authoritative name servers) hosted at Dyn DNS. So you see that in my case there are three different entities involved: Me, who hosts my web sites and my email.

You can always check where your domain is pointing by the following domain routing tool.

Visual Domain Routing Tool You can also ping and trace route your domain locally from your Windows/Mac command prompt to verify what IP you are actually seeing.

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