Enlightened dating

Have you ever wondered why some men seem to easily connect with the most amazing women, while others fail miserably?

The lesson here is that both light and dark can attract the wrong guy.

There is a ten-step visualization exercise given to help the reader connect to her higher self and to release and balance karma.

Short and sweet, this section asks the reader to yank the reins away from her hormones and his pheromones, take control, and use discernment to attract only the extraordinary!

There are also millions of women who perceive their sons, brothers and other male friends as desperately needing effective advice The appeal of Enlightened Dating for Men has to do with the combination of two crucial aspects: 1) Approaching dating from the perspective of enlightenment, and 2) Revealing concepts that actually work in the real world of dating. FBI Agent Nathaniel Ryder has to live with the choices he made that day.

Scott Bogart, CLC, CPA, is a certified life coach, and has practiced as a certified public accountant and as a chief financial officer for high-tech startup companies. Now, months later, he is forced to face his worst fears as AMERIGUNS, ...

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