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To address the issue of childcare in particular, Standard Chartered created a crèche and instituted a host of complementary programs addressing safety, transport and sexual harassment in the workplace. The founding director of Sri Lankan garment giant MAS, Amalean revealed that providing high-quality childcare at their factory in Jordan helped them dramatically reduce absenteeism and retain their female employees.

“It made it [the crèche] from a cost centre to a profit centre,” he said, explaining the benefits were qualitative as well, contributing to a culture of respect and support and improving relations between employers and employees.

Highlighting the issue of labor shortages at both ends of the spectrum—both high skill and low skill— Dr.

Kamlagoda said it had become more crucial than ever to understand what was holding women back from participation.

MAS has rolled out similar initiatives across several factories in Sri Lanka, including in Kilinochchi, Mihintale and Mahiyangana.

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Speaking at the event, Valerie Layrol, Operations Advisor for the World Bank in Sri Lanka and the Maldives said: “We are here today because we recognize that no country can rise to its full potential if it disadvantages half its population.

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She said Sri Lankan media could play a key role here, for instance by making great television shows that portrayed women as something other than wives, homemakers and mothers.

Women’s attitudes toward their own careers could be shifted by exposure to inspiring female mentors, noted Jennifer L. Mentoring of girls and young women at every level of their academic lives could embolden them to study subjects in demand with employers.

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