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The couple are annoyed and summon the waiter to “Move them because he is just too loud and they need quiet, children need to not be in restaurants! My daughter just lets it go and tells her brother to pay the bill so they can go.My son ask her something about the bill and the guy of the couple thinks he is speaking to him and freaks out and gets in my sons face.I have never had this happen before and I have eaten at thousands of restaurants before and this Olive Garden many times. waitress was Heather, but it may be widespread there so no more card used at this one for sure. Anyway, the waitress came back with some wild story that she couldn’t make my sister’s gift card work. The charge for my meal was only .00 That was correct on my account. Please let him know that this frequent customer appreciates him. The salad was drenched in dressing and the food was ok.I have been told that this happens at many restaurants so I guess it is time to stop giving cards to restaurants. In reality I may not get this money back but I intend to spread this all over Sarasota. Reply I just discovered a scam that was done by a waitress and her manager at our Olive Garden here in Sarasota. My sister had a gift card that she used to pay for her meal and my niece’s meal. But they double billed and took both amounts -correct and incorrect. We have all of the correct receipts so they can’t get away with this. Reply Love the staff at 5555 G Whittlesey Blvd Columbus GA 31909 My aunt always gives us a Olive Garden/Darden gift card for Christmas. What really bothered me was when we checked our balance the waitress had keyed in the 20% tip to our total, that is not what was left.Today Olive Garden is a casual dining restaurant specializing in Italian-American cuisine.

Reply New details about this scam-waitress helped herself to a larger tip than I gave her and stole money from my checking account with my card.

This struck me and my husband as odd so we called the waitress back to the table and asked for her to return the gift card so I could address the missing balance.

She informed us that the gift card was inactive but would go get it for us.

Yelling and threatening my son in front of my grandson and a 2 month old baby at a table behind them.

Meanwhile, my grandson runs around the table to his aunt and the lady calls him a “stupid kid!!

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