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This new information has made fans formulate a petition to release a Tokyo Ghoul Reboot instead of Tokyo Ghoul Season 3. As of today, no official news has been confirmed by FUNimation or from Studio Pierriot, Ecumenical New reported, Although the news might come as off-putting to some, others are taking this time as an opportunity to voice out their opinions on the first couple of seasons of the anime series.We're still the Funimation you’ve known and grown up with, and now with the power of Sony, and with Gen [Fukunaga] at the helm, we have the opportunity to bring the best anime to even more fans across the world.Funimation Productions will soon be owned by Sony Pictures Television Networks.This year at Anime Expo, Funimation announced it will release the critically-acclaimed anime film Your Name on Blu-ray and DVD later this year.For our thoughts on the film, read IGN's Your Name review.A series of colored illustrations hint at what’s to come, including bloody battle scenes, potential new villains and what appears to be memories of Eren and Mikasa.The teaser’s last still shows three people standing in front of the ocean with the words, “Behold, the sea...” on screen — a potentially big clue for what’s coming next.As reported by Deadline, Sony Pictures TV has entered into an agreement to purchase 95 percent of the anime distributor for 3 million, valuing the company at about 0 million.Funimation CEO Gen Fukunaga will remain CEO and retain a minority stake in the company.season three will air in 2018, according to its official Twitter account.Funimation released a 15-second teaser on You Tube for the third season, but no actual footage is shown.

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