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Duc, adopted from Vietnam, enjoys the fruits of a lucrative career as a motivational architect, but his celibacy troubles Audrey.Liberian-born Ashley, a successful fashion-industry exec, is finding more and more reason to shake up her marriage with her husband, Malcolm.But in investigating them she starts to understand her place on the team.Rumours spread around Poplar that a sailor with smallpox is hiding somewhere in town.Frances weighs how serious her new relationship with Andrew should be.Jackie seeks out Dallas advice during a chance encounter at Dianes country club.To expand the list based on the series' initial letter, just click on the letter.For example, if you want to watch The Walking Dead, just go to the "T" section and you'll find it there. So go ahead and enjoy your favorite television shows now.

Disturbed in part by a medical diagnosis, Greg loses his cool in the classroom. The railway takes centre stage as Endeavour investigates the disappearance of a local woman - with initial fears linking it to the unsolved murder of a teenager, killed several years earlier.Aron Morgan lodges a formal complaint against Matilda for harassing Davey, and the police are unmoved by Matilda showing them what she believes is a clue to Caryss disappearance.Trudy is wracked by guilt for her part in Caryss disappearance and meets Matilda to ascertain whether shes telling the truth. The conducting competition heats up for Hailey, despite her early success.And 17-year-old Kristen, the couples youngest child, chafes at her banal life, especially compared to her more exotic siblings.After a troubling incident at the birthday party, Audrey and Greg take Ramon to a therapist, Dr. Eddie forces the whole congregation to Refine, asking them to give up things they care for the most and upsetting most of them in the process. Eddie travels to Paris to open Europes first Meyerist Center, and he brings Sarah along with the hope to restore her faith; but her insatiable search for Lilith may have taken her beyond the point of no return. After the chaos in Paris, Sarah searches for the mysterious man who may help her find Lilith.Marcella investigates when a body is discovered inside a wall, clothed in a school blazer and surrounded by soft toys.The detective soon works out that the victim is Leo Priestley, who had been abducted a few years beforehand and was a friend of her son Edward.Farid Shokrani, who has an unlikely and unexplainable connection to the young man.Ramon and Shokrani explore the possible psychic connection between and a photograph in the doctors office. Duc gets good news about his self-help manuscript, but his mood is dampened by the publishers request.

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