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There's another reason behind Matheson's reluctance to embrace his impending celebrity.At the start of this year when he had just been cast in Zhivago he gave an interview to a tabloid in which he talked about his Hebridean childhood and his own troubled teens.It's soon clear why Caitlin and Gry should be so enamoured, though he himself is a bit bemused by their interest. He's the stuff of every sensitive teenage girl's dreams. This is a man who tells me he likes ''a storm and a wild night'', who never travels without his guitar, and who loves to write and play his own songs.And ladies, he is still looking for a ''soulmate'' to share his life with.Granada, meanwhile, has taken over a rather shabby block in the centre of the city just around the corner from the old town square and recreated a little bit of old Russia in it. Here's Lara's bedroom, a dark, dingy space with a copy of the Sunday Times sports section lying on the bed.Outside at the back is the bakery where, according to my guide, the Russian Revolution begins and downstairs there's a vaulted cellar that's doubling as a Russian Orthodox church, complete with some rather pretty Byzantine icons freshly painted on the walls (Lara, played by teenager Keira Knightley, is scheduled to get married to Sam Neill here in three days' time). He's not got any scenes today but he's on stand-by just in case and so meets me in full costume - early twentieth century Russian peasant chic.

His father is a songwriter, but made money by labouring on farms. ''He does trompe l'oiel, Venetian washes,'' Matheson explains. Certainly not Class A drugs.'' Anyway, it was acting not ecstasy that offered Matheson a way out of his teenage confusion, a place he could channel his energy.In doing so he painted a picture of the isle of Lewis swimming in alcohol, its people ''caught between the cross and the bottle''. ''When I did that interview it caused a lot of problems in the Hebrides.And I think in a way I didn't really know what I was saying. When people read these things in the press they make quite big judgements about the island and they are beautiful people and I felt very guilty after that. They have a comfort in melancholy.'' But it's the people not the problems that he's now keen to talk about. In truth Matheson's childhood sounds rather idyllic. Later this month Matheson can be seen in the title role of Granada's adaptation of Boris Pasternak's epic novel Dr Zhivago. Not bad for someone who until now has been more a background figure than an upfront face on the big and small screen - unless, that is, you've seen such arthouse fare as Stella Does Tricks. In December there's another supporting role in British chiller-thriller Deathwatch to add to small parts in Still Crazy and Les Miserables on his CV, but more immediately and more importantly there's the little matter of stepping into Omar Sharif's shoes. '' I think we can take it that Gry is quite keen on him too then.Out in the country Jackie Chan is chop-socking his way through his latest blockbuster, while Sean Connery is due in town to start filming the Victorian fantasy The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in a couple of weeks.He was no more disruptive than anyone else, he says now. I smoke cigarettes and I have the occasional smoke of weed at a party, which I enjoy. He agreed and chose drama, though how he got into drama school he's not sure. And I did a reasonable improvisation, a reasonable one, nothing special at all. I think it was because they were short of boys.'' Whatever the reason it was the making of him. It's important you show these characters love each other, so you have to be kind of passionate about it but you've got 20, 30 people watching you and you're constantly worried about whether or not you're going to get a hard-on which would be really embarrassing. It's about you're thinking about sex, you're thinking about loving this person so him downstairs gets a bit excited. There are things that people do every day in their little workshops that they'll take to heaven with them.''I think it's quite a natural process that you go through,'' he argues. But there's so many more things to life than drugs. After drama school he quickly began to earn screen time. He thinks cool, yeah, I'm gonna get some action.'' Before you get too excited, though, he says there's not much sex in Zhivago, even though it's been adapted by that recurrent controversialist Andrew Davies, creator of Tipping the Velvet. You've got to realise that it's not everything, making films.'' The dam has broken now.Caitlin from Washington really likes Hans Matheson. When I arrive, the Czech capital is overrun by film crews. Safe to say that Caitlin and Gry will soon have rather a lot of competition. ''He's a real sweetie,'' Holly and Natalie the PRs tell me before I meet him on the Zhivago set in Prague.

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