Hollyoaks online dating storyline

bosses have officially announced a dark new storyline which will see India Longford murdered after an experiment with online dating goes horribly wrong.The new plotline kicks off later this month as India - played by Beth Kingston - and her fellow students all become inspired to look for love on the internet.Mum wanted me to get proper job.'He then joked: 'I don’t know how I was a heartthrob! I did a lot of growing up there.' And proving that he really had grown up, Gary brought his sweet son Elvis, six, on to the show.

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"It has been difficult, and we're nearly at our end goal now.

It’s like being home.' The handsome actor also joked that he had 'grown into his features' since he was last on the Hollyoaks screen.'I have grown into my face.

I started Hollyoaks at 17 when I was starting A-Levels. 'I wanted to be footballer as kid but fell into acting.

As these brand new pictures show, Josh (Eddie Eyre) finally gets fed up with his family's bad behaviour and puts Willmott-Brown in his place – even though it'll inevitably mean losing his job.

Josh tells his scheming father that he's at the end of his tether over Weyland & Co's immoral ambitions and wants nothing more to do with their evil plans.

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