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Although trauma and traumatic stress are not altogether preventable, they can today be much better managed and treated than ever before.

But to actually realize that potential will require a greater consciousness among many stakeholders about the global burden of trauma.

And, more importantly, a greater awareness that effective therapy solutions are now available. Conflict transformation by peaceful means - the transcend method. relates stress levels to performance levels, and shows how rapidly performance declines from a high if anyone is pushed (or pushes him/herself) into stress overload—with potentially serious consequences for his/her health, well-being and even employment.

Stress becomes distress (or traumatic stress) when it lasts too long, occurs too often, or is too severe 2-Yerkes, R. On occasion this can lead to more serious psychological difficulties.It also focuses upon ‘fear responses’ and tries to modify these towards more healthy responses.For clients who are skilled in presenting their thoughts and emotions through verbal communication, CBT-TF uses these attributes to good effect.Primary traumatic stress results from directly experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event.Secondary, or vicarious traumatic stress, results from interacting with, or helping, people who have been exposed to traumatic experiences. Much of that trauma remains hidden, especially in the developing world: unrecognized, undiagnosed, and therefore left untreated.This trauma tree is a visual metaphor of the causes and consequences of traumas and traumatic stress.Those scars are shown here as the trauma-based disorders and diseases, growing out of the leafless branches of the trauma tree.These trauma-based disorders and diseases affect not only individuals, but also families, communities and even whole societies.When this natural cycle is out of balance, bodies and minds become susceptible to experiencing either extremes of the stress curve. The Relationship of Strength of Stimulus to Rapidity of Habit Formation.Stress can be defined as any demand or change that the human system (mind, body, spirit) is required to meet and respond to. Journal of Comparative Neurology and Psychology, 18, pp. 3-Lisa Mc Kay, Headington Institute Understanding and Coping with Traumatic Stress TRAUMA Traumatic stress is caused by events that are shocking and emotionally overwhelming situations that may involve actual or threaten death, serious injury, or threat to physical integrity.

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