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The 23-year-old entertainer plays a young man who has an affair with the beautiful young wife (Lucas) of his powerful investment banker neighbor (Dermot Mulroney) while working in a wealthy vacation community during the summer before college.When the town erupts after a suspicious death, the young lovers become embroiled in scandal, forcing Doug to his limits as he battles deceit and betrayal.Two years ago, actress Isabel Lucas packed up her Hollywood digs and came home.The ethereal Swiss-Australian beauty had just begun to make a name for herself via small, coveted roles in productions with star-studded casts: a young woman in love in the HBO miniseries ."I only go to LA for work and for meetings and auditions," she admits."But you can nurture that connection with nature wherever you live.

"I felt so full of appreciation to be part of that project.

I'm fortunate to have a vegie garden, but you can even have pots on a balcony if you live in the city."So passionate is the committed vegetarian about the environment that living in LA itself, with its excesses and greed, would be potentially "paralysing" for her.

"It's the thing that makes me the saddest in my life, just that lack of consciousness, the way we are going about consumerism, not having a system that appreciates sustainability and not respecting the earth.

I've always admired Terrence's work, how he is an artist, how free and trusting he is, and the way he works so humbly and so in harmony with the team." In returning to Hollywood, Lucas has made peace with America, sort of.

She tries to exist outside the consumer culture, growing her own vegies at her home in the Santa Monica Mountains and supporting local organic food producers.

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